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Bocah Udik Berdiri Di Atas Laut

That morning, the sun reveals its shape and shines the earth slowly. The wind blows hard, hit the waves in the ocean to the beach. The objects around it, scattered. The coconut trees are standing on the edge of beach, as if dancing. Waving its leaves to the right and to the left. Cool air creeps into the body till pierce the bone.

But the atmosphere does not happen to a palace that stands majestically in there. The palace is made from wood, so warm for two men. They are so eager to welcome the morning with a cup of coffee and a plate of rice. Yes, they are a father and son who live from the riches of sea source. A well-built and slightly athletic man, and of course with dark skin. He is a father and an experience fisherman.

"Let's have breakfast, do not get late, son," said the man to his son.

Every morning, after breakfast they always go to sea. A middle-aged man is giving a lesson to his son. The man who has dark skin due to most activities at sea, wants his son to keep clean and care for the sea for all people on earth. Because 75% of the Earth's surface is an ocean and more than 3 billion people depend directly on the sea for their livelihood.

Then they push the boat that is deliberately made to be stranded on the beach because there is no dock in their house. The man and his son are looked excited. Wooden boat splits the waves and ready to wade the ocean.

"Do not forget to bring a plastic bag for the waste," his said.

Throughout the ocean, the man gives an understanding to his son. How important the sea to humans and other living things. The ocean is the mothers of mankind in the world. That's where humans rely on life because many sources of income and life.

If see the waves, the man explained the waves on the sea is very beautiful. But it can be dangerous if fighted in the ocean. Waves should be accompanied so as not to endanger and swallow alive. And it is also in accordance with the philosophy of life. 

The times go passes quickly. They reach the destination. In there, the waves are not too big and the wind is not blowing too hard. The man immediately lowered his simple anchor that had rusted into the sea.

"Dad, have we arrived?," Asked the boy.

He is young. About 8 years. But his curiosity is high. After answering the child's question, the man takes his son down to the ocean. Without wearing diving equipment, the man and his son try to navigate the underwater world. Several times, the child's head appear to the surface, filling the air into the chest cavity. This time they bring a source from the sea, sea cucumbers. 

"Daddy, what's this sea cucumber for?," Ask the boy.

"This sea cucumber is quite expensive and enough to cost our lives, it can be a high blood medicine too," explained the dark-skinned man.

After resting a few minutes, the child rushes into the sea again. This time he is not accompanied by his father. The boy is happy and free. He is screaming loudly, as if talking to the ocean.

Then immerse himself with the ocean. But inside the ocean, he holds the jellyfish and he does not know if it can cause the skin to itch. Soon the child rise to the surface with a reddish body. 

"Son, you got the jellyfish?," Asked his father.

"Yeah dad," the boy replied spontaneously.

Then the man explains that the jellyfish have a good shape but toxic, one of which can make the skin itch. He also said that in the sea, many animals and plants are beautiful but can harm people. But as human beings, we have to take care of and care for life at sea.

The experienced fisherman also explains that coral reefs in the ocean must also be maintained. Because many fishes that breed in there. When diving, the man always reminds his son not to damage and touch the coral reefs.

He also explains to his son not to use the net in fishing. Because it is feared will damage the coral reefs in the ocean floor. Also do not use bombs or toxins. The sea will be polluted and make living things in the ocean will be extinct.

Due to not bear the itching in his body, the boy asks his father to go back home. Sprightly, they pull anchors and paddle to the mainland. Walking down the waves, they see a lot of marine junk. Then they picked up the garbage that is on the ocean and put it in a plastic bag that had been brought.

"Remember son, if we have to take care of the sea and clean it out of the garbage, keep this sea so that all beings can survive," he said.

The Certificate Of Appreciation From Our Ocean Short Story Writing Contest 2017

This writing was participated of Our Ocean Short Story Writing Contest, on 13 December 2017.


  1. bangi ni artikel bahasa inggris gak ada yang indonesianyaa..

    biar enak BW nya sih bang

  2. Agree, the ocean is so vast. If we don't start to do something about it we will regret it.

  3. Could'nt agree more with your article Fie.. Save our ocean, save our planet.